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Do I really need Bully Hound?

Yes we believe every child needs to be safe and parents need a tool and a way that helps them provide this. Bully Hound is listening out 24/7 on your child’s phone to detect if cyberbullying is occurring alerting you via email and text message when a problem arises. Modern society and the way we live makes it almost impossible to find the time to stay on top of every conversation that your children are having, and so Bully Hound does this by monitoring every conversation, reporting back monthly or at the time a problem occurs.

What're the chances of my child being cyberbullied?

The chances are at least one in five that your child will be cyberbullied. Stats show that approximately one in five young people under 18 (20%) reported experiencing online bullying in any one year. The figure of 20% has been extrapolated from a number of different studies which found rates varying from 6% to 44% of students. Cyberbullying is where people use the internet or a mobile phone or device to send e-mails, text messages to threaten someone or hurt their feelings is also on the rise.

What can Bullying do to my child?

Bullying victims, can result in increased suicide risk, depression, poor school performance and physical health, and low self-esteem. Getting in early is very important, as this is when it’s easier to sort out the problem, reducing long term negative emotional damage that bullying can cause children lasting even later in life.

Does Bully Hound stop my child from receiving bad messages?

Bully Hound is not a filter or, IP blocker, or time restrictor, and was created very mindfully for children to accept it freely, being comfortable with having the app on their phones not infringing on their privacy. For this reason, messages will still come through but be intercepted by Bully Hound if various keywords are used a number of times over a number of days. Bully Hound provides peace of mind and alerts parents of potential cyberbullying in real time that then initiates the conversation to stop cyberbullying.

Can I see quickly and easily what keywords are being sent to my child?

Bully Hound monitors specific keywords (over 100 preset, and then your own unlimited additions) to listen and count them against a period in time, placing results on a dashboard for you to see easily for each of your children, because we understand that people are time poor and simply cannot collate this info and data without our help.

Can I see a bullies name and details in my report?

Bully Hound does not provide a list of names of perpetrators in our reporting, because we don't infringe on anybody's privacy. However, if a problem ever arises and an alert has been sent through this is when a parent initiates a conversation with their child to find out who are doing the cyberbullying.

What do I do if I find my child is being cyberbullied?

The first thing to do is to speak with your child, to initiate a conversation with them to find out what is happening, explaining to them that you only want to help them and not make it worse. Next, there are a number of steps that should be followed beginning by not retaliating, blocking the bully, reporting the bullying, and getting appropriate advice and support from teachers, healthcare professionals. See ->

Can Bully Hound be used on iPhones?

Bully Hound cannot be used on an iPhone device at this time due to complexities in how data is read and received via the Apple closed API, however Bully Hounds has already initiated a plan and goal to work with Apple in the foreseeable future to include iPhone devices.

How will Bully Hound stop my child from being cyberbullied.

Bully Hound is not a filter, blocker, or restrictor of your child's usage online because it’s a monitoring tool that listens in on conversations, detecting specific keywords that are used by bullies, and when these words are used a number of times over a selected time period, the parent is alerted via push notifications, and email in real time.

Can I add my own keywords and will Bully Hound work for words, not in English

Yes during the registration process there is an opportunity to add your own words in any language. You can also access your dashboard by logging in and changing or add keywords at any time. Bully Hound will also pick up any keywords you put in regardless of language even urban or slang words will be picked up already loaded into our database.

How often does a specific keyword need to be mentioned before I get notified?

The number of times a bullying keyword is mentioned in your child's conversation is default set to 4 times over 3 days before an alert is sent, however, this can easily be changed to higher or lower, and over more or fewer days at any time in the account settings.

What about all the other forms of bullying?

Bully Hound accepts that there are many other forms of bullying, however, it has been found that there is a direct link with bullies moving across and using technology to cyberbully their victims as well, usually behind a keyboard to attack their victims. This means that while Bully Hound only monitors cyberbullying, there is a correlation and a connection between all forms of bullying, and thus Bully Hound has been successful at raising the alert and notifying parents about a potential problem.

Will I get notified straight away if any of the keywords have been triggered?

Bully Hound is always listening in making sure you are alerted straight away by two methods Push notifications to your own mobile device, and an email, because we believe that initiating the conversation with your child is where intervention and help begins.

Does Bully Hound invade my child’s privacy?

No, because Bully Hound doesn’t monitor or restrict what your child does, nor does it list personal details about who said what, or put this into a report, because Bully Hound respects that every child deserves the right to their privacy but that they need to be watched over for support if problems ever arise.

How does my 30-day FREE trial work?

Bully hound will provide you with 30 days of free usage where your children will be monitored against cyber-bullying because we want to demonstrate how effective our tool is to help combat cyber-bullying.

Am I locked into any fixed term contract?

No, you can cancel at any time by simply logging into your account and clicking on cancel because Bully Hound only wants people who are 100% satisfied to pay for using the platform.

Why do I need to use a credit card for payment?

Bully Hound has set up a payment system using credit cards because this is the easiest way for us to debit our clients in a safe and efficient way, and because this also provides our customers with additional time to pay their accounts with their banks/financial institutions.

Are my credit card details safe with Bully Hound?

Bully Hound uses a 3rd party payment gateway that uses 64-bit encryption ( what financial institutions use) that is totally safe. NOTE that we do not collect or store credit card details on our servers.

Why does Bully Hound charge a monthly fee?

Bully Hound charges a small monthly fee for its services because just like any other business we have running costs, the cost of development, administration charges, employees, utilities, and more.