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Protect your children
from cyber-bullying.

Bully Hound is an Android app that listens for bullying
keywords sent to your kid's phone

what it does
Bully Hound helps you keep your
children safe from cyber-bullying.
  • Track incoming message

    Bully Hound uses Android's Notifications API to check all of the text in the messages being sent to your child's phone for bullying keywords

  • Alert you if it’s severe

    Bully Hound will send you an alert if the amount of bullying keywords counted crosses your safety threshold.

  • Get a weekly summary

    Bully Hound will give you a summary of all the bullying words that have been sent to your children’s phones.

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New users can try Bully Hound for free with
unlimited children and no lock-in costs for 30 days!

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what people are saying.
Super-parents across Australia are
endorsing Bully hound.

Amanda Rauth

Sounds amazing !!! Great idea, i'll be recommending this and downloading on my kids technology!

Michael oh

Much needed and great app!

Amanda Rauth

Sounds amazing !!! Graet idea, i'll be recommending this and downloading on my kids technology!

Michael oh

Much nedded and great app!

how it works.
Get Bully Hound on your children's
phones in 3 easy steps
  • 1. Choose bullying keywords

    Register to our parents's platform and start selecting bullying keywords that you think are relevant to your children(we'll suggest a few).

  • 2. Pair your children's phones

    Download the app on their phones and follow a few simple steps to pair your children's phone to your account.

  • 3. Be a super-parent

    You’ll be notified of any cyber-bullying in the moment it happens, equipping you with everything you need to stop cyber-bullying.

Supported technologies

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the latest from Bully Hound.
Arming parents with the information they
need to beat cyber-bullying.

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All of Bully Hound’s functionality for each registered child.
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Up to 1 device
  • 30 day free trial
  • no lock-in contract
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All of Bully Hound’s advanced functionality for up to 4 children.
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Up to 4 device
  • 30 day free trial
  • no lock-in contract
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